Boat Names

Highest Warranty in the Industry 10 year unlimited. 

On Site Installs, Decal Removal, Gel Coat Restoration and Decal Installation

  100% Solid PVC UV Resistant Vinyl, 10 Year Life in the Marine Environment, No Fading, No Cracking and No Edge Roll 

 Film Type High Gloss, Hi-Cal P.V.C. Film,  Film Thickness 70 Microns, Dimensional Stability 0 in cross trend, < 0.4mm in length,  Adhesive Solvent based acrylic, permanent.

All of our decals are die cut from high grade vinyls and will hold up to the marine environment for many types of use, from pleasure boating to work boats, will withstand fender scuffing, dock guards and even shark skin abrasions.

Name Drop Designs and Custom Charter Shirts 

Wholesale Prices and No Design Fee

Name Drop designs offer a cost effective alternative to paying for custom artwork and set up charges. We offer three different levels of customization. Add your boat name and location to the back print of any catalog design. Garments may be mixed between S/S T's, L/S T's, Tanks, Sweats, Hooded Jackets, Hats,Aprons and more! Choose between dark and light colors, Long sleeve or Short sleeve, NO Minimum for in stock shirts, up to 2000 pieces per order s available . Please call or e-mail for current pricing and minimum orders on customized garments. Visit our T-Shirt page and choose your own custom designed T-Shirt and Gifts.

  Choose and E-mail Your Color.    Choose and Email Your Font Style    
E-mail us via the Contact Button on Right of Page

Ready To Apply Boat Names and Graphics


2.5 mil. Marine Vinyl 10yr. warranty on, no questions, no hassles, no problems with free installation on any replacement.

Ever wanted or needed a new boat name but didn't want to take out a loan or try to explain to the sign shop guy what the back of a boat looks like or understand the importance of placement, regulations and the quality of material needed to withstand the extreme conditions of the salt water environment. For the BIG FISH customers we offer a 3 mil. clear vinyl overlay to protect your vinyl graphics from the abrasions of big scales and big sharks at the same low price.

We are now offering all of our boat names and vinyl graphics at more than 50% off industry cost. This is not a limited time offer. All colors, all fonts and all vinyl graphic art at wholesales bulk prices. Factory decals available in standard and custom colors. Sizes range from 2 ft. to 100 ft. for boat names and regulation size hailing port is included with your new boat name. We also provide full custom decal packages for any makes and models.

If you require installation assistance, we will be glad to assist you in the removal of the existing decal, restore gel-coat to remove shadow lines left from previous decal and install your new Boat Name and Graphics on the trailer or  at the dock.

Custom Charter And Boating Apparel
Shirts, Hoodies, Gloves, Jackets, Fowl Weather Gear
and Head Gear

Mix or match sizes from adult small to large. Contact us for orders requiring XL sizes up to 6X. Youth and ladies sizes are also available at your request.  SEND REQUESTED SIZES HERE

Choose any design from our collection or  have us create artwork of your boat       and  add  your Boat Name to the design. CAD-CUT Premium Plus for Active                                           Wear
ChromaBlast Long Life Sublimation Prints

Stahls’ is the first company in the imprinted sportswear industry to have a rigorous lab certification process. This ensures the highest quality materials to meet the needs of all of your real-world applications. Depending on the material, we run tests based on these parameters: safety, durability, and performance. The materials are rated on a scale from
1 to 5,   5 being the highest rating.

Screen printing uses plastisol ink. It doesn't react with the fibers, as with ChromaBlast™, but sticks on the surface of the garment. Screen-printing with plastisol ink creates a heavy, non-breathable image which can crack and peel. Old style transfer papers also use a thermoplastic which has the same problem. The chemistry behind the ChromaBlast™ digital imaging system consists of active ingredients that react and cross link to the garment fibers when heat is applied. Because the image and garment fibers bond, ChromaBlast™ has a softer, more natural feel and superior wash fastness.

CAD-CUT Premium Plus Transfers. Smooth hand with no cracking, no corner roll and no bleed through. Designed for comfort and stability with high impact properties.

Color Choices:

Black Shirt with White, Teal, Carolina Blue, Red, Orange, Pink or Yellow image

White Shirt with Black, Teal, Carolina Blue, Red, Orange, Pink or Yellow image

Pink Shirt with Black, Teal, Carolina Blue, Red, Orange  or Dark Yellow image

Yellow Shirt with Black, White, Teal, Carolina Blue, Red, Orange or Pink image

Aqua Blue Shirt with Black, White, Carolina Blue, Red, Orange, Pink or Yellow image



Vintage Decals

Looking for original graphics for an older boat, outboard or trailer. Need decals that are no longer available, obsolete, discontinued, or hard to find? Want those decals a different color than what they originally came? Are you looking to make your own custom made decals? Well, look no further. We specializes in making decal replicas of no longer available OEM manufactures? logos. Any logo you need replicated to complete the restoration of your boat, outboards and trailers.

Custom Die Cut Graphics Created From Your ArtWork

This is How it Works.


The design process is simple....browse our site and submit a request for a name setup. We will show you your name in several styles. You choose which one suits you best from the samples we supply, it's that easy. 

Or, if you prefer, you may simply email a design you  have created and we will reproduce it for you at no additional charge.

You Supply us with the maximum height and width that you have available, we will scale your graphic proportionally, fabricate your graphics, and ship via UPS directly to you. When you receive your graphics, installation is a snap. All of our lettering is produced using only premium high performance vinyls designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment.

We recommend that if you choose to provide your own design or work with the graphic artist directly, you should consider a few decisions that will need to be made about your boat lettering.

  • Color - Choose a color that is in contrast to the boat color, this will make it easy for others to read.
  • Size - If you decide on a long name and it's a small boat, you may want to use a smaller font size. Here is a easy formula for figuring out the length.
  • Total number of fonts, including spaces x the font height
  • Divide that number by 2 and that will be the length of the decal.
  • Remember to include the size of the artwork.
  • Fonts - There are over 4000 fonts to choose from. If you are not sure you can
  • check out some of the fonts we have by going to our fonts page, you can also go to any free font site and we will download your favorite font.
  • Layout - This is where you decide on how you want the name positioned. Will it be in a straight line across the back of the boat or will it have an arch, maybe you would like to have the fonts twisted or turned on an angle. Just let us know and we will design it just for you. Feel free to browse our pre-cut decal page and choose some artwork to go with your new boat name.

Die Cut Vinyl ArtWork

If you have any questions about your  vinyl requirements, or any questions about our services, please do not hesitate contacting us.

We would like to say, "Thank You Again, to the "boat crazy"community of Hampton Roads and Eastern N.C. for letting us  provide you with some of the most unique and amazing decals ever, from our in house designs to your own personal designs that have that special meaning for you, which makes it even more rewarding for us.

Have a smooth and safe boating season.