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About ChromaBlast?

The key to the ChromaBlast Digital Color Imaging System is the chemical bonding between the ink and the coating on the transfer paper. Where the ink chemistry and the transfer paper coating chemistry touch, there is a cross link reaction under heat and pressure that chemically bonds the image to the cotton. The cross link creates a very strong and nearly permanent bond. Remove the paper and the image area is tattooed into the shirt itself. The overprint area from the transfer paper does physically transfer, but washes away because it has no ink to react to in the non-image area. The area around the image has a very light feel that becomes nearly imperceptible after one wash.

The final result is a vibrant, colorful image on the T-shirt that looks, feels and breathes like nothing else on the market. It is like "Tattooing" a T-shirt. T-Shirt Imaging will outlive the quality T-shirt or Garment.

ChromaBlast is the latest technology in white apparel imaging systems, and is also very budget friendly!